Renanthera monachica

Renanthera monachica
Renanthera monachica
This is an epiphyte species from the Island of Luzon, Philippines where it grows attached to branches and tree trunks up to 500 m above sea level. It can be described as a medium sized orchid, monopodial with a long stem carrying many, hard to touch, vandaceous type looking leafs ranging between a dark green to a purplish or bluish coloration. 

The spike comes axillary between the leafs, being last year’s spike always below the current year one.
Flowering between late winter and spring, it is a hot to warm, semi-light to full-light lover giving from 6 to 30 flowers on each spike that may last up to 3 weeks.

It is best cultivated mounted or in a loose, bark and clay rocks basket requiring, if mounted, daily watering throughout the year or once to twice a week if potted.

It is a moderate difficulty orchid for beginners.

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